1920’s Radio

1920’s RadioRadio was a major source of news and entertainment during the 1920’s. By 1925, over 2.5 million Americans owned and listed to radios.Your task for this assignment is to construct a radio news program that details some of the important events of the 1920’s. Your show will be called “Lifestyle of the Roaring ’20’s.”In this episode, you will serve as the host and you will interview a guest of your choice (someone famous from the 1920s time period) and they will answer a series of questions on the following topics:The impact of the AutomobileProhibitionOrganized crimeFundamentalism and the Scopes “Monkey” trialEducationChanging Role of Women and the rise of the “Flappers”fashionsocial behaviorattitudesemploymentCivil RightsMarcus GarveyW.E.B. DuBoisMake sure at least five of the above topics are addressed.

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