6/7 minute Speech final

by | Jan 19, 2021 | College (1-2), Speech

6/7 minute Speech final – the practical final of the class that requires you to use all that you have learned and then some to move your audience to action or change. This means that you state the purpose of your speech clearly at some point in the beginning and that your final words should be asking for that action to occur –

*** my choice is vaccinate vs not vaccinating. ***
Being in favor of vaccinating.

B. The information must be credible. One of the easiest ways to undo a persuasive speech is to point out that the sources are not reliable, salient or applicable.

C. The logic of the presentation must be clear. Good information presented without clear logic is not persuasive. As such, radical thinking and proposals are a much harder sell than incremental steps. Try to avoid excessive hyperbole in descriptions and connections you are making. The second easiest way to undo a persuasive speech is to question the logic used in the presentation.

D. Audience analysis is critical. If, as I have said repeatedly, “public speaking is starting where your audience is and taking them to where you want them to be”, then you must know your audience and their views on the topic very well….. Start where your audience is and then move them to your position.

E. Along with D you must CONNECT to your audience. Persuasions starts with making someone care – making the topic and the action relevant to them. If the final step is asking for the audience to take some action you need to motivate them to be interested & invested in the topic. If they don’t care, they won’t listen and they certainly will not take the action or make the change in attitude or beliefs that you are advocating.

F. Your acceptability and believability is based to a large degree on your delivery and enthusiasm for the topic. If you cannot convey the topic’s importance or don’t believe in the position you advocate, neither will your audience. A great idea with compelling arguments will fall flat in audience response if the speaker’s energy is low and the delivery is dull. [monotone speakers beware! ] In the emotion laden society that we live in, the delivery becomes a heightened aspect of the persuasive capacity of the speech/speaker.

G. Close the deal. Sales people know that the best [presentation is fruitless unless you get the customer to buy. Likewise, your action step must be clear and compelling – a natural combination to the argumentation and supports that you have made. Please give this everything you’ve got 🙂 Thank you guys as always!!!

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