9 Tips To Be Successful In College

Being successful in college is all about finding the right balance between the academic side of your college experience and the social side. If you’re not careful, you could end up with more stress than you can handle!

Trying to do too much in college will only cause you to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s important to learn how to manage your time effectively so that you can get the most out of your educational experience.

Here are some tips on how to be successful in college:

1. Make friends

When you first arrive on campus, do not hesitate to ask people from your class if they want to study together or have a cup of coffee. You can also start by joining the Facebook groups for students at your university. The university has probably set up plenty of these groups so that students can connect with each other and share their experiences. These groups can be a great way to meet people who will become your new friends, travel companions, or even future roommates.

2. Develop a strong study habit

The easiest way to stay on top of your course load while still enjoying your time away from home is to develop a strong study habit. This means setting aside time every day or every weeknight to study, even if you don’t feel like it in the moment. Here are some tips for developing a successful study habit:

  • Study regularly — do not put off studying for days or weeks until the night before an exam; this will only lead to cramming and bad grades
  • Develop routines — find times and places where you can focus on your work
  • Make use of resources — libraries, tutoring services, and free study groups are all good ways of finding extra help when you need it
  • Get help — talk to your professors during office hours about the material you do not understand before the exam

3. Start a diary that logs your study activity

Treating college like a job is the worst mistake that students make. If you’re going to invest four years plus thousands of dollars in tuition, then at least try to enjoy what you’re doing. Find a way to make learning fun. The easiest way is to start a diary that logs your study activity.

The idea is simple: keep track of how much time you spend studying each subject and each day. Use it as a tool to find out which subjects take more time than others and which times of the day study best for you. 

You’ll also discover that some subjects are more challenging than others (I was surprised by how complex organic chemistry was) and find out when is the best time of day for studying each subject (for me, it was late morning).

4. Get to know your instructors and tutors

It is crucial to get to know your instructors or tutors in college as much as possible. In college, you are usually not just a number; instead, you are an individual with your own interests and goals.

You can also ask your instructors or tutors if they have any recommendations for further reading on the subject in question. This will allow you to gain more information and resources. By doing this, you will have a better understanding of the material that is being taught.

It is also helpful to take advantage of office hours since they give you the opportunity to meet with your instructors one-on-one. During this time, you can discuss anything that is confusing to you or that you want clarification on before moving forward in the class. After getting help from your instructor or tutor, make sure to keep any notes or handouts from the session so that you can refer back to them at any time with questions.

5. Set realistic study goals

Goals are essential to achieving success in college. They help you structure your day and focus on the most important things. But if you don’t set realistic goals, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and fall short of where you want to be.

  • Set daily goals: Every day, decide what needs to get done before you go to bed at night, so you have time to work on your larger goals and still have enough time for fun activities like hanging out with friends and studying for exams.
  • Make a list of things that help you stay on track: Figure out ways that keep you focused every day so that when you’re feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated, you can check off something from your list.

Make a list of how you can save time

6. Get Involved in Clubs & Organizations

One way to do this is to participate in on-campus activities such as student government or a club or organization. Try to get involved in activities that you enjoy to have fun and make lasting friendships while also getting involved with the school.

Trying out for sports teams is another way to get involved on campus. You’ll meet other athletes, coaches, and managers. You might even make new friends who share your interest in music, dance, or drama clubs.

If you don’t like sports, there are other ways to get involved with campus life. Join a club such as a religious group, environmental group, political group, or academic group. All of these types of groups are popular on many college campuses.

Sometimes involvement with campus groups will lead to a job on campus during the summer after your freshman year and during the school year after your sophomore year. This is great because it gives you free money for food and supplies, and it looks great on your resume when you apply for jobs after graduation from college.

7. Study With Friends And Peers

Hanging out with friends and peers can help you get better grades in college.

Trying to complete your degree is hard enough without the added stress of doing it alone. Make sure you are hanging out with friends and peers because studies show that students who made friends in class were more likely to succeed if they did so. 

Another tip is to try not to isolate yourself and make sure that you go out and socialize regularly. This will also help you be more productive as you find someone who can study with you or just go over notes with you.

Of course, there is no substitute for hard work, but surrounding yourself with friends is a good way to make your college years a little less stressful and a lot more fun.

8. Manage Stress Well

Managing stress is one of the biggest challenges for college students, especially during exam periods. Here are some ways to cope with stress and do your best in school:

  • Try to stay organized. Keep your notes, assignments, and other school-related items in a folder or planner. (It’s also a good idea to write down all of your tests dates, times, and locations.) This will help you feel more prepared throughout the semester. If you’re constantly running around trying to find that perfect study spot, it can make you feel overwhelmed.
  • Treat yourself. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Eat good food and get plenty of exercises—it’ll help you sleep better at night, which can help boost your energy during the day.
  • Get plenty of rest. You’ll be more focused on your studies if you’ve had enough sleep the night before. Try not to go to bed too late, and make sure you wake up early enough every day to have time for breakfast before class.
  • Take breaks from studying. Studying for long periods can be overwhelming and lead to poor performance in school. Make sure you take regular breaks where you aren’t working on anything related to your classes so that you don’t get too exhausted or bored with what you’re studying.

9. Follow A Sleep Schedule

Could your sleep habits be sabotaging your grades? The answer is yes! Most people probably don’t realize that they aren’t getting enough sleep. So, if you’re having trouble staying awake in class or remembering what you learned the night before, here are some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep:

  • Make changes now. Don’t wait until your grades start to slip before you get serious about your sleep schedule. You may have to make some lifestyle changes if your schedule doesn’t match up with the demands of your classes and work. You may need to move some activities around so that you can give yourself enough time to get a full night’s rest.
  • Figure out what works for you. Some people find it helpful to go to bed at a regular time every day and then wake up naturally in the morning. Some people find it helpful to go to bed only when they are tired and wake up naturally. Others might find that sleeping in on weekends is the key to helping them keep up with their weeknight schedules.

It’s important not to neglect your health and wellness while trying out different sleep patterns, as this could lead to other problems (like falling asleep at the wheel) and eventually hurt your schoolwork even more than lack of sleep would have.

10. Eat Healthily

In college, it’s easy to get caught up with the stress of studying, living on your own, and being away from home. But eating healthy is one of the best ways to stay energized and combat stress in a positive way. Here are some tips to help you eat right on campus:

  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps your body function efficiently and can keep you awake for longer periods of time. The recommended daily intake for water is about eight glasses a day. Drink water instead of other beverages such as sodas or coffee, as they tend to dehydrate your body.
  • Eat fruit every day. Fruits are full of vitamins and nutrients that can help you feel better overall. Some fruits like bananas help create serotonin in your brain, which helps control your appetite and boost your mood while giving you energy. A snack of an apple or banana can be the perfect thing to help you focus between classes or study sessions.
  • Limit sweets and processed foods. These foods contain a lot more sugar than nutritious foods do, which can cause you to crash faster than usual. Sugary foods also have high amounts of fat and sodium that can create health issues over time when consumed in excess amounts. Eating healthy means cutting out foods like chips, cakes, and cookies as much as possible.

Wrapping up

So, there you have it: everything you need to know about being successful in college. Just remember that college isn’t your life—it’s just a phase in your life that will eventually pass. One day, this chapter of your life will be over, and you’ll be looking back on it fondly. So please make the most of it while you can; the time will fly by.

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