In the sample paper, blue highlighting = explanation, yellow highlighting = analysis, green highlighting = argument, red highlighting = objection, and purple highlighting = response.

Professor response for previously submitted Argument outline:
Your argument seems to be something like the following:
(P1) It is wrong to sell dangerous products without informed consent
(P2) Product dumping involves selling dangerous products without informed consent
(C1) So, product dumping is wrong (from P1, P2)

Here’s an objection to your argument:

When a product is banned, that information is not a secret. Other nations have access to that information. So, when a business attempts to dump products banned in the U.S. on foreign markets, those customers have access to the information necessary to give informed consent. The fact that they might not avail themselves of that information changes nothing: a business cannot force people to do their research.

There is no minimum or maximum for page length, or word count. Just needs to cover all of the rubric which I will be sending with other attachments in a separate email.
12 font Times New Roman double spaced
attached or emailed is a sample paper, argument outline, my banned products opinion(previously submitted assignment related to this paper)