A Definition Claim

by | Jan 28, 2021 | College (3-4)

M13 Instructions: A Definition Claim
Essay #3: A Definition Claim
You will upload/submit the ROUGH DRAFT (2 double-spaced pages, not including “Works Cited”) on the next page.

You will submit the FINAL DRAFT (4 double-spaced pages) at the end of Module 14. Read the instructions below: before submitting your final draft at the end of Module 14, your rough draft must be reviewed by one other student in the class.

Here are some examples of definition claims from Charles P. Nelson at Kean University:

A sick-out is (not) a strike because . . .
Advertisements (music videos, etc.) are (not) works of art because . . .
History is (not) a science because . . .
Single parents (or gay couples, etc.) are (not) families because . . .
TexMex is (not) a language because . . .”[1]
Note that the examples above are opinions with which others may disagree. “If everyone agrees on a particular definition, such as sparrows being birds, there is no reason to write about it” (Kean).

In this essay, you will define a term, perhaps from the list below. You will use personal experience and/ or outside knowledge AND one of the three Hemingway essays we have read thus far to flesh out your definition.
Please choose only ONE of the three Hemingway essays upon which to base your definition: “A Good Cafe on the Place St.-Michel,” “Miss Stein Instructs,” OR “Scott Fitzgerald.”
It is fine to use “I” in this essay.

Please include:

Introduction: An epigraph from A Moveable Feast, along with a description of “why this term is problematic and why it is important to define it” (Kean).
Thesis: A statement that includes how your definition of the term is arguable, or differs from the norm. In other words, “paper should focus on an extended definition, that is, a definition somewhat different from standard expectations” (Kean). Example: Although most people would define inspiration as coming from a source outside oneself, I define inspiration as a type of insight or awareness achieved through discipline. In the essay “A Good Cafe on the Place St.-Michel” from A Moveable Feast (1964), Ernest Hemingway’s writing process underscores my definition.
Body: use at least three specific examples (with at least one quote) from the Hemingway essay you chose as support, and explain how each develops the definition.
Conclusion: summarize how you (and Hemingway) have shed new light on this topic. End with a quote, either from A Moveable Feast or an outside source.

Suggested terms:

Any of the terms presented on in class
Specific guidelines for this essay:

At least 2 full pages, formatted in Word as a .doc or .docx
An arguable definition; one that differs from the norm
An epigraph in your introduction (see Irrestible IntroductionsPreview the document PowerPoint)
Careful support using quotes, details, and features of the essay
Typed in 12-point standard font in black ink and double-spaced with one-inch margins.
Edited and proofread (typos/ carelessness will reduce your grade).
A title that hints tantalizingly at your thesis
You are not required to conduct any research, but if you choose to cite any sources besides A Moveable Feast, please include parenthetical citations and prepare a “Works Cited” page. If you only refer to the one text, parenthetical citations are unnecessary, simply mention the full name of the author, title, and year of the book at first reference—Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast (1964)—and then quote freely

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