A family assessment

Write a family assessment paper in third person that adheres to these instructions?The purposes of this assignment are to:Interview a family using a structure based on one of the theoretical frameworks;Assess how issues impact the Hispanic family system based on a selected model;There are two parts to this assignment: a family interview and an assessment paper. I – AssessmentPrepare your interview questions by including the following aspects:1.     Family background and impacts of family issues: Briefly provide the family background, and discuss how Hispanic family issues affect individuals and other family members’ social and psychological functioning (attach both genogram and ecomap as appendix)2.     The types and quality of relationships depicted in the genogram and the ecomap3.     The stage of the family life cycle (see Bitter, 2014, pp. 450-451)4.     The strengths and vulnerabilities of the Hispanic family5.     Cultural elements: What are the effects that ethnicity and diversity have on the family, within the family, and its environmental systems (i.e. common characteristics, values about seeking help, the impact of race, class, religion, gender roles, historical factors).II – Personal & Professional Critical ReflectionA critical reflection of practice competencies (e.g., any insights gained in applying the selected theoretical framework for assessing the family) and multicultural practice application – particularly in Hispanic culture based on the experience of the interview and this assignment.

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