A Man Made Marvel of the Twentieth Century

Submit a 750 words essay on the topic A Man Made Marvel of the Twentieth Century.Protocols most common in use are the internet protocol (IP) or the transmission control protocol(TCP).Modern day protocols can work in all wired and wireless networks. Earlier networking meant Ethernet cable connection using physical wires, which was seen everywhere in the school, offices and homes. However nowadays wireless technology has taken precedence and has become hugely popular. Wireless technologies operate by using infra red signals, or radio waves or microwaves for their transmission and connectivity. This is far more advantageous as it offers mobility without the cumbersome wires. Wireless LANS use spread spectrum and high frequency radio technology system for their wireless transmission within a limited area of use and this radio technology match up to the Wi-Fi standards of 802.11b. Another popular wireless network protocol is the ‘bluetooth’ used for data exchange within a distance of 100 metres. Other wireless web includes PDAs and cell phones that offer connection at all places and all times. In Terrestrial microwaves, another wireless network, transmission occurs through low gigahertz range and uses terrestrial or earth based devices for transmission and reception. Here antennas are required for network which are placed atop buildings and hills. Communicating satellites which are parked in space, transmit voice signals and other data by using microwave waves as these don’t get deviated by the earth’s atmospheric intervention. Wired technologies are varied and many are still in use and quite popular too.

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