A narrative essay

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Assignment, Essay

Choose a person or event and write a narrative essay in which you explain why the person or event was significant to you.  Strong papers will contain plenty of details, of course, but also a certain amount of reflection–how are you different (better or worse or both) because of the experience or person you write about?  How has your outlook or opinion changed as a result of the experience or person? 

I am pretty open about topics, but here are some good ones to consider:

  • A time you confronted authority
  • A time you took responsibility
  • A time you did the right thing even though it wasn’t easy
  • A time you didn’t do the right thing and then felt regretful OR needed help
  • A time you helped someone OR succeeded at something A time you failed at something
  • A difficult time• A humorous incident
  • Your first performance a trip you took time in the military life-changing experience grandparents first experience at something

No matter which you choose, your essay must include plenty of details and reflection.

This assignment must be completed in APA format with at least five full paragraphs. I would not expect you to be able to cover the topic in less than 2 pages.

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