A paper or a video presentation

For this assignment, you may submit a paper or a video presentation. All the criteria below apply for both, but word counts are for the paper only. If you choose a presentation, they should be between 3-5 minutes. You may use power point or another visual software if you’d like.The final submission of the research proposal is a completed proposal that incorporates all the previous assignments (e.g. research question, sampling method, etc.). You may use any of your work prior to this assignment. Meaning, you may use what you wrote in previous assignments for this one (e.g. annotated bibliography, research question, etc.).This paper should include the following:Introduction/Literature Review (~1000 words) Brief evaluation of the scholar literature of the topic and/or theory proposed Operationalize definitions Statement of the problem Clear research question Methods (~800 words) Design (e.g. experimental, case study, etc.) Sampling frame Proposed sample Sampling technique (e.g. purposive, probability, etc.) Data collection method/procedures (e.g. survey, secondary data, archival, etc.) Construct measurement Expected Results ( Provide your thoughts about the expected results of your research. Remember, you are not collecting data or running any analyses – these are simply what you would expect to happen if you did. Limitations ( All research and methods will have limitations. Outline the limitations of your specific research method and detail how future research could address it. You only need to identify one limitation. For example, interview data is not typically generalizable. Future research could use surveys and quantitative analysis to generalize results. References A minimum of 4 references shall be reviewed and cited in text. References should be in APA or similar style. Please see this documentActions as an example of a research proposal. Please note that this proposal took me over a year to prepare. I was also given several rounds of feedback from my peers and mentors. This proposal is intended to give you a general idea of what proposals could look like. I do not expect for yours to be at this level. If it is, you have a robust career as a grant writer ahead of you!

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