A policy that impacts LGBTQ individuals

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Social Work and Human Services

Please write a paper on a policy that impacts LGBTQ individuals and/or their family systems. Please include:

– An overview and relevant background of the policy, including when it was passed, how it was passed (voter initiative, court ruling, legislature, etc.), when/how it was implemented, as well as the current status (recent or upcoming court rulings or challenges)
– Whether this is a county, state, national, etc., policy
– The various components and details of the policy, when applicable
– How this policy affects or is expected to affect LGBTQ individuals and/or families. Please include an example
– A discussion of which groups support and oppose this policy, including financial support
– The arguments offered for and against the policy, as well as the source of these arguments if applicable. Include research conducted on the topic or any prevalent theories that inform each side of the argument. – Which side of the debate do you favor and why?
– Current status of the policy. This includes any recent court rulings, lawsuits, or legal challenges, as well as proposed bills or hearings to overturn/change the policy

**NOTE. If the policy impacts both gender and sexual minorities, you must address related issues.

Graduate student papers must be at least 5 pages. Graduate students must cite at least 4 peer-reviewed journal articles in their paper and include these in the references section. All students should use APA format, 6th edition. Please submit your paper as a Word (or compatible format – no PDFs please) via Canvas.

Below is a list of relevant policies. Please do not limit yourself to this list; if there is another policy that is of interest of you please go ahead and write your paper on that topic. If you aren’t sure of a policy’s relevance, please ask the instructor.

Possible topics:

Anti-Bullying Policies (proposed legislation)
California’s Prop 8
Defense of Marriage Act
Domestic Partner Benefits for Arizona state employees
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Foster Care/Adoption from the Child Welfare System by LGBTQ people as individuals and couples
Family Medical Leave Act applicability to LGBTQ couples and parents
Hospital Visitation Rights for Partners of LGBTQ people
Legal issues in end-of-life care and upon death of a partner
Recent so-called “bathroom laws” or “papers to pee” in Arizona
Safe School Improvement Act
Second Parent Adoption by same-sex couples

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