A radioactive isotope

A radioactive isotope has a half life of 80.4 minutes. How long will it take for the radiation from a 325 pCi sample to decrease to 21 pCi?For the following reaction, write the chemical symbol for AgNO3 + Mg –> Mg(NO3)2 + Ag1) the substance being reduced2) the substance being oxidized3) the oxidizing agent4) the reducing agentHow many grams of CaCO3 will be produced if we produce 12.13 grams of NaCl in the reactionCaCl2   +    Na2CO3    ———>   2 NaCl   +   CaCO3If we react 176 molecules of O2 with magnesium according to the equation Mg + O2 -> 2 MgOhow many molecules of magnesium oxide will we form?The heat of fusion of water is 79.9 cal/g, the heat of vaporization of water is 540 cal/g, and the specific heat of water is 1.00 cal/deg/g. How many grams of ice at 0 ° could be converted to steam at 100 °C by 8,195 cal of heat?

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