A Report – Sports Information Director

by | Jan 14, 2021 | College (1-2), Report

You were recently hired as the Sports Information Director of a large university. Shortly after your arrival, the institution has been accused of cheating in regards to athlete recruitment. You are to write a report to the athletic director and president of the university detailing how you will address the situation. Also, you need to write a press release concerning the accusations. As the Sin, you need to think about the principles of crisis management, the overall effect on the institution, is there a crisis management plan in place – does it need to be updated, do you confront your predecessor? This a subjective answer based on the principles covered in the course. You will be graded on how well you apply the course material, grammar, and punctuation.

In light of the current accusations against the university, we will look into every aspect of what we are being accused of the university should take this head-on, and we will be giving you detailed updates daily. We are going to question all of the coaching staff and sport-personnel in regards to the cheating accusation. Furthermore; we will question current student-athletes as well as former student-athletes regarding the matter. If we find any evidence of cheating or any other possible violations within the programs, we will bring it 1-1- to you at the top, so that you can make the decision on what the outcome should be for the parties involved.

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