A report to the Board of Hardhat Ltd

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CH50024 Management Accounting

Coursework Assessment 1: Case Study Essay (30%)

Learning outcomes assessed


Assignment task (Case study in Chapter 8)

Write a report to the Board of Hardhat Ltd setting out the financial effects of the various proposals and make recommendations as to what price Hardhat should charge next year and in the longer run. Your report should cover all tasks listed below.

Assessment criteria

The case study report will be assessed primarily on whether the solutions it presents to the issues identified in the case study are appropriate and well-reasoned, including use of academic papers, company data, and relevant examples as supportive evidence; as well as on its use of appropriate business vocabulary:

Task 1. Draft an executive summary listing all the facts related to the case study

(10%, less than 300 words)

  • You may use dot formats or table whichever you like.

Task 2. The sales price needed to earn the target profit, using the information compiled by the budget committee (10%, 200 words)

  • Use spreadsheet where necessary to show your workings. You may also use other illustrative format such as table and diagrams.
  • Provide brief step by step guides as to how you derived to your answers.

Task 3. The number of units that would have to be sold at the old price to meet the target profit, and whether this seems feasible; (10%, 200 words)

Task 4. What the profit would be if the sales price calculated in (a) were adopted, but sales volume only rose by 10%, or at best 20%;? (10%, 200 words)

Task 5. Any other factors you think should be taken into account when making decisions about the price to be charged next year, such as any change in risk involved in the cost–volume–profit structure you propose; the link between short- and long-run prices; and the interactions between acquisitions policy, financing decisions and pricing decisions.?

 (40%, 800 words)

  • Provide your opinions on all three perspectives.
  • Use spreadsheet where necessary to show your workings. You may also use other illustrative format such as table and diagrams.

Over role use of Business English, Formatting, and Referencing. (20%, 300  words)

  • Note that this section also includes marks for introduction, and conclusion.
  • There won’t be any word counting on Referencing parts.

Presenting coursework for assessment

Your assignment must be presented in the following format:

  • It must be word-processed in 12 point Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing.
  • Text must be justified, paragraph breaks should be indicated with indents or line breaks.
  • All pages must be numbered.
  • Margins must be 2.54cm all around.
  • It should not contain your name(s).
  • It should contain sub-headings for the introduction, each of the five issues, and conclusion.
  • It should contain a title page, contents page, reference list, and bibliography (none of which are included in the word count).
  • Follow the IP rules for essay writing (except when explicitly contradicted by anything in the assessment sheet or marking rubric).

Assignment length: 2000 words

The length of an assignment is limited by a set number of words to contribute towards the development of writing skills and to ensure all work is assessed equitably. We therefore require you to complete your assignments within the number of words specified in the assignment brief. 

You will need to think carefully about how best to explain your case within the permitted number of words, using, for example, an appropriate mix of text, drawings, diagrams and tables, supplemented by information contained in appendices.

Please also remember that a report can be enhanced or damaged through layout, for example, placing all tables and drawings in appendices can hamper the flow of discussion. Decisions therefore need to be made about the most appropriate place to use tables etc, to support your case.

The specified word count of 2000 refers to the main body of the report and does not include front cover, title page, contents page, reference list, bibliography or appendices. The word count does include headings, tables and in-text citations, but not equations or diagrams.

Appendices themselves will not be marked. However, inappropriate use of appendices will be taken into consideration when awarding the final mark.

Words that exceed 10% of the allowed word count will not be marked.

Submission date and instructions

Your work must be submitted to the student website by 2 pm on April 29, 2022.

Give the file(s) which you intend to upload a name which begins with your student number.  For example ‘12345678_casestudyreport’

Marking Rubric

See separate document ‘MA Case Study Essay Assessment Rubric v1 2022 spring’.

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