A Rose for Emily

Similarities and differences of the stories A ROSE FOR EMILY by wiliam faulkner and A TELL-TALE HEART by edgar allan poe. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.However, on the other hand, he elevates him as an intelligent human of high endeavors (Benfey 30). He further creates his “murderer” into a grotesque anomaly. Critical analysis into Poe’s works portrays him as a worse than a beast. Notably, only human being can unreservedly terrorize his or her victim before killing him or her. For instance, Poe deliberately terrorized his victim, the old man, before putting him to death. Therefore, the story A Tell-Tale Heart may be viewed to show only how the narrator, Poe is attempting to rationalize his irrational traits or behavior (Benfey 31).Comparing the storylines of these two short stories, Poe seems to concentrate on a single character while William Faulkner in his short story “A Rose for Emily” concentrates on telling his story on a pluralized concept. Unlike Poe, Faulkner is a peripheral observer who only presents the gossip within the community in an indecipherable sense (Benfey 30). The Faulkner’s story is quite ambiguous due to its lack of direct information. His information is based largely on hearsay. however, the story can be followed and easily understood within the intended purpose. Poe’s is the narrator of his story while Faulkner opted to use an omniscient narrator Miss Emily to tell her story. Additionally, Faulkner uses his narrator to grow his changing ideas and perspectives thereby reflecting the theme societal growth with changing times. Of this theme, Faulkner reflects that this society is unable to change and let go its traditions and past (Faulkner 99). Furthermore, Faulkner made himself the part of the society by using the “we” instead of “I” thereby narrowing the difference between the narrator and his character. The unconventional narration techniques applied by Faulkner contrasts his main character. thus, presenting an unbiased insight of the story. For instance, if Faulkner could have used any character close to his main character Emily, the

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