A script designed for a 5-minute oral presentation

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Assignment

Write a script designed for a 5-minute oral presentation of your work; anticipate about 3/4ths of a page per minute. Summarize each of the main sections of your work: Scientific, Mathematical, Cultural, and Ethical Summarize the problems and solutions of each of your group members AND demonstrate if and how their research and solutions relate to your topic.

Pick and choose important sources and evidence to include in your presentation.

Explain to the viewers what the evidence means and how they relate to your topic. Use formal and transitional language to make the presentation personable and interesting; DO NOT just read your paper, though you may include strong sections from your paper.

Construct a PowerPoint to help you guide your readers; include pictures, not just text.  Use bullets to break up large sections of text.

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