A story about ludwig van beethoven

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses a story about ludwig van beethoven. The family attends a service the following day in the Roman Catholic Church, and Ludwig is baptized, a custom that is common in this denomination. Johann, a musician at the Court of Bonn, seems to be a great source of inspiration to Ludwig his son. Ludwig attends music practice at the court and Johann teaches him day and night with the conviction that he was a great talent. He dared to envision creating a new Mozart in Ludwig (Ludwig Van Beethoven Biography).My first encounter with Ludwig was in cologne, where we experienced his first public performance (BURNHAM). His confidence and composure took many by surprise and proved that indeed he was a marvel of brilliance. I was utterly moved by the fact that he was only six. Interestingly, Ludwig felt that he was younger than six as he even thought that his birth records belonged to his elder brother born two years before him but had passed on.Every day proved to be a resource experience for Ludwig. He learned every bit of music that came along. He learned about the organ and reached out for compositions by other musicians. He managed to meet a renowned musician, Gottlob Neefe, who taught his music and introduced him to ancient and modern philosophy (SCHMIDT-GORG). My desire to engage in music was more inspired by Ludwig. He did it with passion, and nothing proved so had for him. I enrolled in the Court of Bonn, and my interaction with his dad gave me a clear insight into self-drive, commitment, and a ‘don’t give up attitude’. Unlike mine, Ludwig’s life was moving fast. Ludwig van Beethoven had his first work published, and he would feature in the Magazine for Music.Every music competition was fun and everybody would be thrilled to watch us fight for the top prize. This time in Cologne I was involved, and I had the intention to reveal to the world how well I would play the violin. With the atmosphere so musical, and an audience that had taken sides, he knew the moment was critical. Therefore, he had to get on the podium before others, as he would certainly set the bar too high. The judges were keen to seek quality characters that would represent cologne in the nationals. Every touch on the strings was critical, and I would never have known I was a complete disaster if Ludwig had not performed thereafter.

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