A trauma, personal or community, war or other disaster to analyze

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Social Work and Human Services

Students will select a trauma, personal or community (i.e. death of a parent, mass shooting, natural disaster), war or other disaster to analyze for which you will conduct an abbreviated assessment and may be related to field placement or not (always anonymize).

Some examples include the need for better care to Vietnam veterans, an examination of therapeutic communities as a non-medicalized approach to trauma, compassion focused criminal justice reforms, or alternative interventions for mass murder such as the Sandy Hook therapy dogs.

Be creative here. Students will demonstrate the ability to use research and, when appropriate, conduct key informant interviews to understand the problem. Students will also identify community assets that can be used to help address the issue and describe how they would understand the problem from the perspective of persons directly affected by it.

Elements of the paper:

Introduction to/historical overview of event
Experiences of and effects on survivors
Community (meso/macro) response
Treatments as usual (TAU) and critical inquiry of TAU
Creative/alternative/nontraditional treatments and critique

Write this paper in a research paper format, and include an introduction to the population (minding confidentiality), to the proposed or needed change, what current research says, and what the population says about the issue (either informed by interviews, observation, and/or research).

Should be 8-10 pages, 12-15 PEER reviewed articles, APA format, THIRD person only please.

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