Abortion is a crime

Compose a 1250 words assignment on abortion is a crime. Abortion is not always wrong. There are instances in life that can only be solved through abortion. These instances include a scenario where one is raped and ends up being pregnant with the rapist. It is common sense to understand that it will be a double punishment to a victim of rape to be made to give birth to a product of rape. Every mother normally sees a child from the point of parental love. In the case of childbirth after the rape, a mother will more likely be reminded of the ugly ordeal every time she sees the child. This might be a social problem for the mother or even the child. As a result of this, the mother is even likely to abandon the baby or subject it to neglect. Consequently, in case of such an incident, abortion would be considered a viable option since it would allow the mother to lead a near-normal life.In some instances, the life of the mother during pregnancy is at risk. Some pregnancies come with complications and complexities. In the event that they are not terminated, the life of the mother will be in jeopardy (Williams, 2007). In such instances, doctors suggest that terminating the pregnancy for the sake of the mother would be the best option. Logic has it that performing such an operation is a viable choice especially in view of protecting everyone. The argument is that it is obvious that once the life of the mother is lost, the child will consequently not survive. There is therefore no need to lose two souls when one can be saved.Family planning is a very crucial exercise for attaining stable and sustainable families. It is important for parents to plan within their means. This makes parenting a little bit easier since it would be based on the ability of every parent. The major causes of social evils in society have everything to do with broken families or rather failed families. Such families arise when the parents can no longer take charge of their homes due to financial incapacitation or control problems associated with having unnecessarily large families.

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