About a setting of a story

About a setting of a story. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The set tells us where we are, what sort of place it is, and when the story takes place. For example, Batman would be very different outside of the dark, dangerous, grim, gothic architecture of Gotham City. We know that this is giving us a hint that the environment that the story takes place is imperfect, flawed, and possibly dark. In many ways it truly is a character in the story. In the case of William Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily,” each of the stories 5 parts takes us to a different point in the timeline of the story. this is reflected in the changing state of the title character of Emily, her home, and the city around her from her youth to death..“A Rose for Emily” is the tale of a young woman, Emily Grierson, who was born and raised into the societal norms of 19th century American wealthy elite in the city of Jefferson. She is lovely and hopeful young woman who was receiving attention from many suitors for her hand in marriage. However, her father was known to be arrogant and controlling man who scared away these potential husbands. This time period is a harsh era to be women. If one was not married when they are young, ideally their early twenties, then the likelihood that they will ever marry continues to decrease. They would become “old maids” and “spinsters.” This seemed to be the fate that Emily saw for herself. However, after her father dies in the home, she fails to report the death, and must be forced to give up the body and accept the man’s death. All the same, with her father no longer actively controlling her life, she became a romantic interest of Homer Barron, a charismatic, handsome, new citizen to Jefferson. However, now, well over 30. the likelihood that she would ever marry her was plummeting. The women’s solution is to poison Homer and seal him up in the upper levels of her house with her, for all time. Her crime was not known until they came to unseal the room where she

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