Achieving your dreams

Argumentative essay on Achieving your dreams. Needs to be 1 pages. This was evident with the story of Lisa Murray who dreamt of going to Harvard and to pursue this dream because “you don’t know what the future holds until the attempt was made”. She may have come from a homeless home with parents that are addicted to illegal substances but that did not cause her to relent in achieving her dreams.The next important point of Professor Pausch’s Last Lecture was the importance of a parent in a child’s life which was vividly portrayed in the video clip Facing the Giants. In the video, there may be no parents but it was the coach who substituted the parent and drove the mediocre athlete to be his best, to be his very best. This component is very important when a person is still growing up because it motivates the individual to push harder, to dream bigger, to pursue and not to quit until one

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