Action feedback

Research paper on person and action feedback. Needs to be 9 pages. There are two types of feedback. Action feedback occurs when you can see by the other person’s actions whether or not your communication has been understood. For example, when presenting an idea, the person who is receiving the information executes it. Your action feedback is the receiver executing your instruction or advice. Person feedback, the second type, however, can be more difficult. Oftentimes, people do not want to appear to be foolish or unintelligent. Accordingly, they will lie and say “I understand” when indeed they do not. Sir Jones offers an alternative manner of assessment of one’s understanding. He suggests that the speaker ask “What would you do first” Jones outlines communication barriers and how to overcome them in a way which is easy to understand. His charges are especially instructive. Jones instructs that there are various types of communication but of import to this lecture, the focus is keenly on the nonverbal types of communication. This section is especially interesting because one is rather aware of the nonverbal communications in the social setting but not in the organizational setting. However, by noting the barriers and following Jones’ instruction, communication within the organisational construct can be far more successful thus leading to effective leadership. Recruiting people who are wrong for the organization can lead to increased labor turnover, increased costs for the organization, and lowering of morale in the existing workforce. A job vacancy provides the perfect opportunity to consider restructuring or to reassess the requirements of the job (Pearn and Kandola 1993). Notification of a job vacancy should be clear. It should clearly and accurately set out the duties and responsibilities of the job and should include those items outlined within the article (Couwood 2005). Moreover, there is a detailed outline of suggested items to place in a job posting advertisement. Each of these items allows the employer and employee to come to the table with a clear description of what is expected and what is sought. Required abilities should be expressed in terms of the standards required, not just in terms of the task to be undertaken. The sifting stage can help the organization by providing feedback on the advertising process and the suitability of the application form. It can also identify people who might be useful elsewhere in the organization. To avoid any possibility of bias, such sifting should be undertaken by two or more people. If there are too many possible candidates, then they should be weighed up against the desirable qualities specified. Further, if the job involves practical skills, it may be appropriate to test for ability before or at the time of interview. This is generally acceptable for manual and word processing skills, but less useful for clerical and administrative posts. There are various tests that organizations can apply to prospective candidates. Finally, the most common process of recruitment is The most common type of interview used in the selection process is a structured interview with a traditional format. It usually consists of three phases. The introductory phase covers the greeting, small talk, and an overview of which&nbsp.areas will be discussed during the interview. The middle phase is a question and answer period.

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