Action plan for Growth

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Action plan for Growth Based on goal set in Monday’s discussion board post… after reading and reflecting on those ideas and feedback provided by your colleagues, expand on your idea and develop and action plan for your continued learning. page Action Plan)Focus Area for growth:

Briefly describe an area of learning around trauma and resilience that you want to explore in more depth. Provide a rationale for my choice, either as it relates to my own learning and understanding as an educator or as it relates to your students and their needs.

Action Steps: Describe in detail 2-3 steps you will take for this work. Ideas should have variety… not all related to reading an article or book… and should include a rationale behind the choice and what you hope to learn. For example: Need to focus more on developing self-care routines and practices to create unwavering habits. Where the benefit I feel far outweigh the tendency to overlook or skip. What will you read?

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