The paper should be ONE disorder that affects individuals sometime throughout childhood and adolescence. You cannot complete your paper on a group of disorders (ie. Eating disorders). You have to choose one disorder, like anorexia. There will be deductions if you talk about a group of disorders or more than one disorder, as you are not going into depth on one disorder.

The paper should include the following items. Each bullet must be thoroughly addressed to receive full credit. Thus, there should be several paragraphs for each section. If there is no information for a particular requirement (ie. prevention), it still needs to be addressed with citations to back up your claims. However, most disorders may have some level of prevention. Please make sure to label each section, as this is part of the required APA format, and it also allows the instructor to see the information you are trying to apply towards that requirement.

statistics about the disorder

demographic differences for the disorder. Students may include age, ethnic, educational, or socioeconomic differences

what the disorder is and how psychologists define it

the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional effects of the disorder

prevention of the disorder

treatment options for the disorder

5-7 pages of text is required (not including the title, abstract, and reference page). An abstract is required. Please do not include pictures, graphs, or tables. These would not count towards your page count, nor are you conducting an original experiment, so they are not needed.

APA format is required including a title page, abstract, headings, formatting, in-text citations and references. Basic formatting is 1” margins, double spacing, Times New Roman, and 12 pt font. Additional APA resources will be posted in the online classroom under the research paper module.

The textbook, lecture notes, and at least 3 empirical journal articles should be used as references. Empirical journal articles are those that include original research studies and can be located in the school library (ie. Psycarticles). To see if the journal is empirical, please check that there are methods, results, and discussion sections. Under methodology, it will say empirical/experimental, as well. Please note that books are not empirical journal articles. You need to have all three journal articles integrated throughout your paper in order for you to receive full credit for this requirement, as this is how you demonstrate that they were actually used in the paper. Wikipedia and other non-scholarly resources that are not credible cannot be used. You may use additional credible sources, but they should be minimal and used in addition to the required sources listed. For me to know it is an empirical article, it needs to be formatted as a journal article in APA format in the reference section. Thus, please make sure to follow APA format to ensure you get credit for your empirical article.

Plagiarized papers will result in an automatic zero.
Thus, there should be less than 10% similarity.

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