Adopting various Information Systems

Merits and potentials of adopting various Information Systems. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This coverage led to the promotion of the luxury watercraft build by BMW and acquired by the celebrities. The company being aware of this scenario has decided to take advantage of this media promotion and expand it’s business. Strategy meetings have been organized. The decision to invest further in the business at this particular time is a wise one, and would prove to be a profitable one in the long run. However, to ensure the success of the expansion plan, certain factors needed to be critically examined and their solutions provided. In this report, the problems that could possibly be a hindrance to the growth of the company are identified, discussed and their solutions stated. The business has nine departments which are interrelated. Each department has it’s separate staff, according to the specific requirements of that department. A study was conducted identifying the areas of concern in each department. Some have more room for improvement while others have less, but it is noticeable that all need to be modernized and up to dated to face the challenges of the competitive market. The company started in late 1800 century now needs to equip itself with the modern techniques to achieve maximum profit. The identified areas of concern in each department are discussed in the following section. Discussion on the Identified Issues: It is a matter of concern for the Bank and the investors whether the company will be able to withstand the effects of expansion and would be able to deliver as desired. For this, a study of the various processes involved within the business is carried out and areas of concern are highlighted. One of the departments is the Warehouse, where deliveries from the suppliers are stored and forwarded when ordered for. The materials stored are of various characteristics. Some can be kept for longer periods of time while others are perishable. One major concern arising here is that proper and timely placements need to be made in order to save stock and ensure no delay in further processing using these materials. Secondly, there is lack of knowledge regarding the arrival time of the raw material to the warehouse. The storage capacity cannot be anticipated due to this issue as well. The manufacturing department is the core of this business setup. However, it is not the most well-managed one, according to my findings. Orders are made to the suppliers when a particular material is in demand by the manufacturing department. There is no information kept by the manufacturing department on the availability of a material or its transportability prior to the placement of it’s order (assumption). This can result in a delay in manufacturing and ultimately, delay in delivery to the customer. For a company of such magnitude and reputation, this should not be acceptable. There is also uncertainty as to the availability of skilled staff for increased manufacturing. As highly skilled personnel are required in the manufacturing department, a provision in the form of apprentice scheme is in place to fill for any shortages. Whether the trainees would meet the shortfall if it occurs and whether there is information present

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