Adoption in the Society

Submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Advantages and the Disadvantages of Adoption in the Society. This care is guaranteed to the child right from birth or from the moment the biological parents of the child cede control or ownership of the child. As adoption has become common in most societies, it continually draws debate on whether it is desirable or not in a society. Therefore, there are different points of view on the advantages and disadvantages of adoption in society.There have been claims that adoption leads to negative outcomes for the adopted child as the process is deemed dysfunctional. However, adoption is desirable and an unselfish act by adults who offer children that may have been deprived of love and care a chance to have parents that offer the same (Hindle and Graham 99). This is due to the fact that adoption offers the child the chance to grow up in a family that will guarantee him a good life. Adoption also positively transforms a child who may have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned, abused, or unwanted by their parents. This ensures that these children live in a loving and caring family whereby they are nurtured in an established and loving environment. Therefore, adoption ensures that parents who may not have biological children of their own take advantage of raising children with love and care.Adoption is recommended by society as it involves long and incisive processes that entail the screening of the adoptive parents in terms of their capabilities and character in making the life of the adopted child comfortable. For this reason, adopted children are usually guaranteed that their adoptive families will offer them good lives and care that they deserve (Baylis and Carolyn 141). The adoption also provides the children with the opportunities to enjoy the benefits of a stable family such as access to education and health care. It also helps them to get over and heal from the loss, trauma, or grief that may be associated with being abandoned, orphaned or neglected that is related to the loss of connection to a family. In the long run, the adopted children enjoy the love and care of their parents and grow up to be responsible and compassionate adults who may grow to positively impact the community.

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