Africa and mexican american

Write a 2 page essay on The New Deal legislation affected African American and Mexican of spontaneous rebellion” (HISTORY IS A WEAPON), The New Deal tried to create an image of good will by simply refurbishing the people of the middle class. It provided jobs but only to half of the people and providing the bare minimum to the lowest group of people (Zinn 205). Though there were many employments provided to the people after the great depression historians like Howard Zinn are contradictory in their opinions. According to Zinn, the New Deal had not completely transform the American economy but only protected the corporate capitalism of America buy absorbing the threatening situations but occasionally (RADOSH).There were many programs included in the New Deal policy. Emergency Banking Act/Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was done to re instill the faith of the Americans in the banking system. Civil Works Administration (CWA) was a policy to provide psychological and physical benefits to the 4 million workers o f USA. Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 was specially aimed at protecting the lands of the Native Americans. Federal Securities Act of May 1933/ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was a very important policy that made it mandatory to disclose all information related with stocks. Works Progress Administration (WPA) 1935-1943 helped in providing employment to the people (New Deal Achievements). These policies transformed the economic system of the country to a great extent.The New Deal provided mixed results for both the two minority communities of America. While the black community received some marked benefits the impact on the Mexican American community was even lesser. The New Deal provided authorative positions for the black people in the US government like Mary McLeod Bethune who was hired by the Roosevelt to lead the Division of Negro Affairs of the National Youth Administration (The New Deal Affects Many Groups 505). Though the president voted for equality of the races, he did not completely support the cause as he

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