African Diaspora

Exam I African Diaspora

Directions: Read the prompt and answer in a persuasive essay. Break down the prompt into as many necessary questions as possible. The first question is usually the guiding question and you should build your thesis and intro around it. Each remaining question should have its own paragraph. Papers also have a conclusion paragraph.

Remember, papers are not graded as right or wrong, but by the strength of the argument. You must address the whole prompt and use all the articles noted in the prompt.

Prompt: Did the African Diaspora exist in the ancient world? In order to satisfactorily answer the question, you MUST explain Palmer’s definition of the African Diaspora (which is different than just a diaspora) and use the theses and arguments of the Ogunremi, Snowden, and Hunwick articles as evidence.

In addition to the directions above, please follow the directions below: t. All papers should have a thesis and an argument; a thesis is the well thought out answer to the prompt. You will revise your thesis several times while writing the paper. All papers should have an argument; in this case you are using each article to support your argument. Each article deserves to be discussed in a separate paragraph.

3. The paper should not exceed two pages. It should be double-spaced (not 1.5 spaced) in 12-point font with one-inch margins on all four sides.

4. Use necessary Chicago citation:

http://wv, citationguidefritation-guide-Lhunl Do NOT use parenthetical references I That is incorrect; I demonstrated how to use Chicago citation in class.

5. Please do not include your name on the paper. Put SID only and page a on each page.

6. All papers should be submitted to SmartThinking, which is available through the course site on Canvas. Both the SmartThinking critique and the exam, with the changes recommended by SmartThinking highlighted in yellow, should be uploaded to Canvas for the assignment to be considered complete. Read the directions on page 4 of the syllabus. Failure to use SmartThinking will result in a zero for the assignment.

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