Alternatives in the School Reform Movement

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Education, Reflection Paper

— pages 51-55 of the Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8: The Arts document
— Critical Literacy and Art Education: Alternatives in the School Reform Movement by Joyce Millman

Write a one-page reflection that includes a critical analysis of what you read, your thoughts, opinions, questions, and any related experiences you’ve had. Do not simply describe the contents of the document, but instead share your ideas from a critical perspective. Talk about your own experiences as a student or educator and the implementation of critical and visual literacy pedagogy. Feel free to add supplementary images or content (not a requirement) to expand on your ideas.

**Please note giving a summary of the readings will constitute a mark of zero **
If it helps, use some of these questions/prompts to help guide your response:

  • The article is based on an American educational context – Do you think the same issues apply in Canadian schools?
  • Choose a line/phrase that stuck out to you and expand on the idea, sharing your opinion and make connections to your own practice/experience.
  • What are some specific socio-cultural issues that students face in your local school system, that can be addressed through a critical literacy pedagogy model?
  • Thinking back to your own experience as a student (elementary, secondary or even post-secondary level) what are some issues that you faced that could be mitigated through a critical literacy pedagogical model?

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