American individualistic society in relation to barriers or obstacles

According to Steele, what is the “creed” or code of behavior of the American individualistic society in relation to barriers or obstacles?

  1. What does Steele say about the connection between our social identity and our personal success? Explain. (4)
  2. Steele says that all of us “could take out a piece of paper, write down the major stereotypes of… these identities, and show a high degree of agreement in what we wrote”
  3. (3). How do you think we all learn the specific stereotypes of different groups of people, including the groups to which we belong? (5, 46)
  4. What is Steele’s aim /goal in this book? (11)
  5. What is “stigma pressure”?
  6. How did Steele and Aronson test for it? (37-40, 48-53)
  7. What is the link between “caring” and stereotype threat? (56-58)
  8. How does Steele define a “predicament of identity”? What are the consequences of these “predicaments”?

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