An issue in Massachusetts

by | Mar 15, 2021 | College (3-4), Political Science

This week’s assignment is the second special assignment for the semester. It is worth the equivalent of two quiz grades or 40 points. Consistent with the material examined this week, the assignment instructs you to think and strategize as a lobbyist. Following the instructions, write a lobbying strategy which will allow you to effectively advocate for an issue you’ve identified as needing to be addressed by state decision makers. 

First, read the article, “General Rules for Organizing for Legislative Advocacy” 

then read “Lobbying Decision makers” 

which was referenced in this week’s lecture notes. Then choose an issue you consider important in Massachusetts that should be addressed by decision-makers at the state level, (Governor or other state officers, state senators, state representatives, etc.). Here are a couple of articles to give you some ideas about current pending issues that might be of interest to you:

This from the Boston Business Journal which outlines 11 issues that you can choose from;

This from WBUR which outlines 4 issues which may come up in this legislative session;

These two articles are only suggestions, feel free to choose your own issue, ( state tuition and fees?). Once you’ve chosen an issue write a strategy that you will employ to lobby decision makers on having your particular issue addressed successfully. Use the Lobbying Decision makers article as a guide for creating your strategy.

Your strategy should include the following:

Describe your issue and what action you want decision makers to take on the issue. This may take some research in order to formulate a clear and effective argument to present to the decision makers;

What state officials, decision makers, should be the target of your lobbying efforts? Explain why;

Present the argument you will make on behalf of the issue, (again use the suggestions in the Lobbying Decision makers article);

Consider what other interest groups or people you will try to include in your lobbying efforts in an effort to build a “base of support”. 

What groups or individuals may be opposed to your issue and how will you respond to the opposition?

When will be the best time to lobby decision makers?

How will you lobby decision makers? Will you use conventional, unconventional methods or both?

Add any other aspects of a strategy that will help make your efforts successful.


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