Analysis: A firm’s business environment

Use the annual report, financials and other data for a publicly traded organization (your company or one which interests you) to analyze the firm’s business environment, customers and competition, strategy and financial strength; include a link to the information analyzed. In an 8 page paper discuss the following:

Environment: What is the business of the organization and where does it operate? How does it generate revenue? How do the external economic, legal, and political environments impact the organization?

Customers and Competition: Who are the customers and why do they do business with the organization? Who are the organization’s primary competitors? What is the organization’s market share compared to competitors?

Strategy: What is the organization’s vision, mission and strategic goals? What new and/or innovative plans and programs are planned? What are the significant challenges the organization faces to achieve its strategic goals?

Financial Review: What is the financial viability of the organization? What insights into financial strengths, trends and strategy did you gain from your analysis of the company’s income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and ratios?

Financial Data: Support the financial review with data by completing and attaching as appendices to your paper the completed income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, and ratio templates.

Critical Analysis: What 3 new insights did you gain into the business? How has your thinking about the relationship of HRM and business changed?

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