1. In 1350 words discuss based on the readings, films, music, lectures, power points, classroom discussions, and the comparative cooperative group project please respond to the following.
a. Explain the relevance of our central concepts–especially subsistence technology, the contact situation, competition, power and intersectionality–for American dominant minority relations (Use examples from the textbook and comparative paper);
b.Explain how race and gender contribute to minority-group status;
c. (SEE ATTACHED DOC) Summarize the situation of each of the comparative groups considered in your groups’ paper in terms of acculturation and integration;
d.Explain the importance of the various sociological perspectives for understanding American dominant-minority relations.
e.Explain the future of race, ethnicity, class and gender in the United States and Global.

In 800 words
Describe how race, class, sexual orientation, and religion impact gender inequality today and how the concepts of assimilation and pluralism apply to women’s experiences as a minority group in U.S. society.

In 800 words
Discuss the new immigrant groups in the United States in terms of whether they are entering through the primary or secondary labor markets or through ethnic enclaves and the attitudes of the American public as well as the values and statistical characteristics of the immigrants.

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