According to Ulrich, Younger, Brockbank, and Ulrich (2012) there are six competencies essential for HR practitioners; the competencies are strategic positioner, credible activist, capability builder, change champion, HR innovator and integrator, and technology proponent. In a 8 page paper, assess your strengths and development needs for each of these six competencies; and create a development plan that includes specific short and long-term actions to enhance your effectiveness in each competency. A well-constructed paper will include 4 or more sources, adhere to APA standards, and include:

Briefly describe each competency including the ideal of what effective HR practitioners know and are able to do.
After completing the HRCS Competency Self-Assessment found in Appendix B of HR from the Outside In, discuss your strengths and development needs comparing your current versus ideal knowledge and skill level for each competency.
Create a development plan that includes short-term (six months or less) and long-term (more than six months) specific actions you will take to enhance your effectiveness as an HR practitioner in each competency. Be specific and include deadlines for completion.

Identify three insights gained into your personal success factors as an HR practitioner based on your HRCS Competency Self-Assessment results, development plan and course concepts. Describe what surprised you; how your thinking and/or behavior has changed; and your commitment to complete the proposed development plan.

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