Analysis of a non-U.S. cultural group

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Communication, Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the structure of a non-U.S. cultural group and provide an in-depth analysis of that particular cultural group. You are to choose a non-U.S. culture that you wish to explore in more detail.

If you are interested in a culture, but unsure if it is appropriate for this assignment, email me and we can discuss. Also, read about all the assignments before you choose your culture of study so you know what you are expected to address and can choose a culture that will allow you to gather the information needed. Keep in mind, if the culture you choose is too broad, it might be difficult to narrow down your information into a concise analysis of the discussion points of each assignment.

If the culture you choose is too narrow, it might be difficult to gather enough information to address the discussion points of each assignment. You will gather information from class materials, the text, and outside sources of research to create a cultural profile of that particular group that will be broken down into four writing assignments. Each writing assignment will address 3 specific topics (or discussion points)…those 3 discussion points should be the main points of your assignment. The first writing assignment (Cultural Profile#1) should describe which culture you chose to research and why (as a part of your introduction). Your essay should then address your 3 main points or discussion points:

1) Describe the role of family within the culture (including, but not limited to: the forms of family, family dynamics, and cultural variants in family interaction such as child rearing or the elderly)

2) Gender roles within the culture

3) Customs or traditions within the culture (including, but not limited to: rituals, holidays, celebrations, food, clothing, art). 

Your cultural profile is due Thursday 3/7 at 11:55pm.

For future reference, Cultural Profile#2 will discuss history, contemporary social issues/laws, and religion/worldview. Cultural Profile#3 will explain cultural patterns, language/language patterns, nonverbal communication. Cultural Profile#4 will explain the culture’s approach to business, education, and health care. A more detailed description can be found under each assignment.

Expectations/Grading Criteria: 
1. Choose a non-U.S. culture you wish to research over the course of the semester. You will use the same culture for each of the cultural profile writing assignments this semester.
2. Your essay should explain the following discussion points: the role of family in the culture (forms of family/cultural variants), gender roles, and customs/traditions (rituals/holidays/celebrations/food/clothing/art).
3. Your essay should have clear structure with an introduction that grabs my attention and previews what you plan to discuss, body paragraphs addressing clear main points, and a conclusion that summarizes your findings and ends memorably.
4. Your essay should use a minimum of two outside sources of research (other than your text). 
5.You should provide citations or footnotes within the essay itself as will as a bibliography using MLA (or APA) format documenting the sources you used as research.
6. Your essay should be 2-4 pages in length. It should be a minimum of 2 pages in length (and a minimum of 500 words) and a maximum of 4 pages in length (maximum of 1000 words). 
7. Your essay should be double spaced, using 12-point font. 
8. Your essay should be free from spelling and grammar errors.
9. Your essay should be interesting, insightful, and organized. It should be well researched and well developed.

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