Literary Analysis For Essay 4, you will complete an analysis of a well-known short story. This can be a historical speech, a fable, fairy tale, or a number of other approved options. Your analysis will be our most in-depth paper thus far. You will break apart the paper almost word-for-word in order to analyze the true meaning behind it as well as discussing why it was so effective.
Essay parameters:

  • APA Format
  • You can compose an abstract page for two bonus points on the essay of your choice (no guide on this — research it!). It must be correctly formatted in order to receive the points. – 800 word minimum (not including the abstract or the reference page)
  • Two sources (one of which will be your piece of literature you’re analyzing)

You will be graded based on your ability to dig deeper and find an in-depth meaning/analysis behind the words the author uses. Use the examples in your textbook as a guide. Your additional outside source can be to provide information about the time in which the story was written, or perhaps bring in background information regarding the author — anything that you think will help you analysis.

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