Analysis of design learning space

Compose a 2500 words assignment on analysis of design learning space with the culture of modesty by observing how saudi female students embrace existing learning space and the dress code at riyadh city university. Traditionally, privacy has been attained through demarcations of separations that were labelled by creating walls, fences, and doors with the sign of prohibition. However, these mechanisms are somewhat old-fashioned since architecture has gone a long way to increasing privacy in facilities. For instance, in 1978, Dan Graham presented his two-way mirror module Two Adjacent Pavilions in a model shown at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford that enhanced privacy by using a dissimilar model from the previous architecture prototypes. This article studies the abstract architectural quality of privacy as presented in enclosed border-defined space in modern architecture and provides a proposal on privacy in the learning space as done by Riyadh City University in Saudi Arabia.Modern architecture also known as modernist architecture is a word used to imply to an all-embracing movement, with its meticulous definition and scope changing widely. The word is frequently applied to modern movements at the set of the new century. There are efforts to settle the principles of fundamental architectural design with fast technological progression and the transformation of society (Colquhoun, 2002, p. 120). Simultaneity, clarification, superimposition, contradiction, and art are the words that are mostly used synonymously to identify contemporary architecture. Nonetheless, architecture has been a phenomenon that has been dated from the Stone Age and was known to enhance protection from outside forces. As modernization came to pass, architecture has been changing with time and is more comprehensive of many human needs. Privacy is one of the key factors, which is defined as the quality of being isolated from the existence or view of others or the situation of being obscured or hidden.

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