Analysis of Differences Seminar Briefings

Provide a 15 pages analysis while answering the following question: Analysis of Differences Seminar Briefings. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. International relations theory refers to the various schools of thought that strive to explain the nature of the relationship between states and the way it affects peace and their cooperation. The history of international relations theory is long but is more importantly considered an issue of the twentieth century. Brown and Ainley (2009) point out that the twentieth century was the birth period of the international relations theory. There seems to be a close relationship between the evolution of International relations theory and historical experiences. To be precise, the development of these schools of thought was a response to the specific historical crisis including war and conflict between states. Different theories such as realism, liberalism, and social constructivism were born shortly after the Second World War as different scholars attempted to explain the cause of war and identify a solution to the problem. Carr (2001) provides a detailed account of the First World War and provides an explanation of the cause of the war. In his book, he cites that power and its application is the main source of conflict and that balancing such power would be the solution to this persistent problem. Critics to these theories led to the development of other schools of thought such as Liberalism explained war as a result of the liberal choices that each state makes. On this note, the birth of international relations theory was a result of responses to the inter-war period evident in the twentieth century.The “great debates” form a useful way of organizing the history of international relations theory. The “great debates” refers to a series of disagreements among a number of scholars in the history of international relations theory. A good example is the first debate of the 1930s that featured the disagreements between realists and idealists. This is an important time of IR since it marked a distinction between the two schools of thought (Brown and Ainley, 2009). The second debate and third debate focussed on scientific versus traditionalisms while the third debate featured an argument between positivists and post-positivist theories.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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