Analysis of Hedda Gabler

Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Analysis of Hedda Gabler. Hedda appears to live a life that is really detached from her husband. She maintains a very independent outlook and seeks to pay back her perceived foes and people who disagreed with her in a manipulative manner. She appears to be a material lady who married her husband because she saw a lot of prospects in him. This caused Dr. Tessman to take a loan from Judge Brack to purchase a Prime Minster’s accommodation to secure Hedda’s hand in marriage. However, when things turned tough, she showed signs that she was not interested in the marriage. She therefore plays a manipulative role in the life of her husband’s rival, Eilert Lovborg. Lovborg had written a seemingly superior manuscript that put Hedda’s husband’s life in jeopardy.Hedda seem to have had a past affair with Lovborg and sought to pay her back. She therefore mainpulates Lovborg and Mrs. Elvsted a co-author of Lovborg’s most recent manuscript. Dr. Tesman steals Lovborg’s manuscript and gives it to Hedda. Hedda proceeds to burn the manuscript and hands over a gun to Lovborg who eventually commits suicide with it.With overwhelming evidence that Hedda had a role in Lovborg’s death, Judge Brack confronts her. Hedda commits suicide as an ultimate sign of her belief in freedom and the right to be self-oriented.

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