Analysis of Share Jesus without Fear

A thesis and an outline on Analysis of Share Jesus without Fear. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is a testimony of his illegal business and his way to salvation. Chapter two encourages Christians to share their faith, since it is a command from God, while Chapter three encourages Christians to overcome fear and press towards preaching the gospel. Chapter four outlines the use of a question in evangelism, and their effectiveness, while chapter five outlines and explains the power of scriptures in evangelism, and overcoming fear. Chapter six of the book explains how to make decisions to make while conducting evangelism, and the dilemma of non-believers. Chapter seven is a guide on how to handle non-believers, and it has examples of the question to ask these new converts. Chapter eight contains a series of questions non-believers ask in regard to Christianity, while chapter nine is a guide on how a Christian can create and keep friends who are non-believers. Share Jesus without fear teaches a Christian how to share his faith without feelings of intimidation and fear. The author’s main purpose is to teach a Christian how to overcome the difficulties of preaching the gospel, and he achieves this objective. William Fay manages to persuade the believers that sharing about Christ is a symbol of victory, and fear is a sign of weakness that must not guide the operations of a Christian1. Chapter 3 of the book details on the mechanisms of overcoming fear. It explains that evangelism is a command from God, and it is the duty of all Christians to obey the command. This is because Christ gave a command that Christians should preach the gospel all over the world. He further denotes that, to overcome fear, Christians should invoke the power of the Holy Spirit. In explaining these points, the author uses the scriptures, because they provide guidance to the day to day affairs of Christians.

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