Analysis of underdogs novel

Compose a 500 words essay on Analysis of The Underdogs Novel by Mariano Azuela. He was at the post of a chief of political affairs under President&nbsp.Francisco I. Madero in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco which was his hometown. Following the passing away of Madero, military forces of Julián Medina was joined by him, where his post was that of a field doctor. It was made compulsory for Azuela to immigrate to&nbsp.El Paso, Texas. Upon reaching that place he wrote&nbsp.The Underdogs, an actual narrative of warfare whilst the Mexican Revolution was in progress, which was basically constructed upon what he had experienced when in the field. In 1917 after moving to&nbsp.Mexico City he did not stop writing and together with that he even took up the medical profession and served the poor people for the rest of his life. He was awarded the Mexican national award for literature in 1942 and founded Mexicos&nbsp.National College on April 8, 1943, along with some others. In 1949 he was awarded Mexican national prize for Arts and Sciences. Mexico City saw his death on March 1, 1952. His burial was in a sepulcher of the&nbsp.Rotonda de Los Hombres Ilustres.&nbsp. 1. Demetrio Masias: – He is a Mexican Indian who fights against government forces in the Mexican revolution. Being treated unfairly by Federalist troops he rebelled against his own government. Peasant guerrilla forces in the revolution were represented by Demetrio and his men. 2. Luis Cervantes: – He is an educated man and a medical student, and was mistreated by Federales.

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