Analyze Thyself

Submit a 750 words essay on the topic Analyze Thyself. This essay aims to provide philosophical depth on the fashion industry, notably the ethics incorporated in the trade.The fashion industry has come in handy in adding zest to the lives of human beings and as noted by the iconic Oscar De La Renta, fashion is great, for it routinely looks forward. That notwithstanding, it is imperative for the society to take into consideration some of the ethical concerns that have been raised overtime. Most of the raw materials used in the fashion industry originate from plant and animal textile (Paulins et al 318). The herbicides used in the spraying of cotton for example, are known to cause substantial damage to the environment in terms of air, soil and water pollution.

Additionally it affects the health of the workers who take part in the production of cotton as well as those of the families that reside around the plant textile fields. Henry David Thoreau once attested that it is useless to construct a fine house if there is no tolerable planet to put it on. For that reason, it is far-reaching for the industry players to embrace ethical production measures. as such an approach would come in handy in making certain that the future generations find their stay on earth interesting.

Animal cruelty is another issue that has faced the fashion industry for a considerable duration. In as much as consumers celebrate fur products for their stylishness and their outstanding nature, human and animal activists have raised concerns over the extent to which several animals experience brutality during animal trapping and extraction of fur, leather and wool. Presently, consumer knowledge drives most of the customers to be associated with products that take into consideration most of the factors that matter in an environment (Paulins et al 322). To that effect, the industry players should work towards making sure that they understand the demands of their client base through market……

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