Annotate a poem

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Literature

See “Annotation and You” and “How to Annotate” and follow the steps to submit an annotation of one of the poems in our course library. You can annotate the poem by hand and submit photos of your work in this discussion for credit. Alternatively, if you are tech savvy you can annotate the poem using Google Drive / Microsoft word or another program and submit your work as a pdf.

In 250+ words, reflect on your annotation and include some specific claims about the themes and meanings of the poem (Step 8 from How to Annotate)

Respond to the annotations of at least two classmates by doing either of the following:

Suggesting a new annotation (new figurative language, historical or classical allusion) they may have missed
— or —

Helping them nuance their claims based on their annotations or your own observations.

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