Annotated Bibliography – Biological psychology

Annotated Bibliography
This week, you will complete a annotated bibliography for a paper that will be due in Week 5. For more information on the required format of the bibliography please click on annotated bibliography template.

Choosing what area of biological psychology begins with examining the following areas related to the course competencies. Choose 3 areas from the list below. One thing to remember this is a course on psychology so the research should relate to biological psychology and less on purely the medical issues related to the disorders and conditions that may be part of your research:

Major concepts of biological psychology.
Biological systems and operations (e.g., vision, hearing, cognition, immunity, and nervousness).
Connection between bodily systems.
Chemical and electrical influences on bodily operations.
Biological systems on mental health and daily patterns (e.g., the sleep-wake cycle).
Influence of external sources of stress on the regulation or dysregulation of bodily systems.
Impact of biology on learning.
Historical influences on contemporary aspects of culture resulting in identified mental health phenomena.
Modern influences on biological psychology through an exploration of the literature and culture.

Write a summary for each of the journal articles found.
Write an analysis and evaluation for each of the journal articles found

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