Annual report

Find an annual report for a company of interest (perhaps your employer). Publicly held company annual reports (10K) can be located via Edgar Archives on the Security and Exchange website.To perform the search in the Edgar Archives you can use either the company name or “ticker symbol” for the company. [View instructions on how to access the annual reports]Click on the link to “Interactive Data” and then the link to the “Financial Statements”. Locate and review the Statement of Cash Flows. Title your post with the name of your company and share the following in your post:1.What is the name of your company?2.Why you are interested in this company and what information did you find useful in the Statement of Cash Flows?3.Where is most of the company’s cash coming from?4.Is the operating activities of your company a “good” sign.5.If net cash flow from operating activities is negative (using) cash how is the company generating cash? (i.e., discuss the investing and financing activities)6.Calculate “free cash flow”. Share with the class your insights regarding the performance of this company based on your analysis of this financial statement.

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