Apple vs. Samsung

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic apple vs. samsung. Samsung has been able to create different versions of one product to meet various types of consumers needs. Apple on the other hand has specialized in the creation of various products for a wide range of varying needs.Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Inc. in 1976. The company’s headquarters are in Cupertino in South Korea. The company is a dealer of designer software, electronics, and provision of computer services (OGrady, 2012). Samsung, a company in the same field, began its journey in 1938 under the foundation of Lee Byung- chul in Daegu, which is located in South Korea (Lee, 2006). This paper aims to evaluate the two companies in terms of product, place, promotion, and price.Product refers something tangible or intangible available for purchase from an organization. Samsung produces many products of a fairly similar nature to suit various consumers. Apple produces technologically varying products to meet varying needs.Samsung has been leading product provider since its inception. Scholars and economists have noted that since the creation of Apple, Samsung has been forced to revamp and re-strategize itself every so often to keep up with the threat. Samsung has been able to compete due to the advantage that it has created a tough image for decades on end and has established goodwill with the globe (Thamhain, 2014).This was the most important part of the data collection process. This is because participants were allowed to take their questionnaires with them for a period spanning 5 days. Questionnaires were handed out to 20 persons randomly.In this section, the results of the survey about respondents’ preferences will be reported. The report is structured by each of the five questions in the survey beginning with question 1.Percentages were used to ensure that an overall perspective on Reponses was acquired.

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