Application of NAEYC 6 standards for professional development

by | Feb 2, 2021 | College (1-2), Education

Teaching Commitments and Families
NAEYC has 6 standards for professional development. How would you demonstrate those standards to the parents in your class? It is important to recognize and identify your own biases and how it might affect families of your students.
The first paragraph will start with an opening sentence about NAEYC. The first paragraph will continue with naming the six NAEYC standards and how you would demonstrate these in your classroom. The second paragraph will discuss your own biases and how it might affect your students. Your honesty will be appreciated and will not determine your grade for this assignment. We become better educators when we recognize and change our faults.

In your replies to your classmates, remember to extend the conversation by adding some new information about their topic, presenting a slightly different viewpoint to their discussion, offer an illustration or a personal experience, or even offering a polite different point of view. Simply saying “great job” will not get you any points for your replies.

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