Architectural design

1) Reading notes chapter 5.  These notes will consist of the following:-Two (2) quotes/passages from the reading that will be used for discussion in class.-Analyze each quote: Why did you choose the quote? How is it important?-One question you have for the class (which means that you will have an answer for this question that you will share with the class after we have discussed and attempted to answer the question you present to us).-One question that you have for the professor regarding the reading that you need to be answered.-One short, informal reflective paragraph on the reading for the week.2) Answer the following questions below: Should the proportions of the human body govern architectural design, as Vitruvius suggests?Describe the stylistic differences between the ceramic/amphora paintings of the Geometric era versus the black and red figured painting of later eras.What are the differences between early free standing sculptures (statues) such as the New York Kouros and the beginnings of the Classical Style such as the Kritios Boy?Between the Classical Style and Age and the Hellenistic age, which sculptural style do you prefer and why? Be sure to list at least 2 elements of the sculptural style you choose.3) Now that we have covered Greece in 2 chapters, the evolution from early focus on idealistic and symmetrical artistic representations of humanity to a more passionate and theatrical form of art what do you see as the best artistic expression of humanity’s essence? Is it the simple, ideal and rational side of Greek art or the emotional aspect that emerged in later stages of Greek civilization?Use on specific piece of art in your answer.

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