Are staffs trained to recognize signs of child abuse?

Compose a 2250 words assignment on are staffs trained appropriately to recognize signs of child abuse. Physical abuse may involve visible scars, whilst emotional abuse can be related to child neglect. Child sexual abuse involves molestation or rape. however, any form of child abuse leaves scars in their lives (Saisan, Smith & Segal, 2012). Leaving children unsupervised, ignoring their needs, and making them feel unworthy are forms of child abuse as well. Several myths are related to child abuse. for instance, abuse is related to violence, only strangers abuse children, and abuse does not occur in families (Saisan, Smith & Segal, 2012). Therefore, it is important for the staff to learn the symptoms and signs of child abuse, and as a result, making a difference in their lives. Schools are regarded as a second home for children. despite the staff being trained in their profession, training on signs of child abuse is also vital. Members of staff can have a positive influence on the children’s lives once they detect signs of abuse at an early stage. This is because child abuse has serious effects on children, which affect their academics and future lives as well, such as, the ability to maintain a healthy relationship and lack of self-worth.&nbsp. When child abuse is detected at an early stage, it gives room for recovery and effective treatment for the abused child. According to Children First (2011, p.8), child abuse occurs in different forms. neglect involves depriving a child of his/her needs such as clothing, food, shelter, security, health care services and love. Therefore, neglect can be defined as the ill-treatment of a child by depriving his/her needs. Signs of neglect include frequent absenteeism from school, stealing or begging for food, lack of clothing and medical care, and lack of personal hygiene (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2007. Cambridgeshire county council N.d, p.5).

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