Activism throughout history

by | Nov 28, 2020 | Argumentative Essay, History

Topic: Argumentative essay on how activism throughout history ties in with activism in the present. One goal of this class is to instill in you a curiosity about the state and how its present connects to its past. This paper gives you the opportunity to research a topic of interest to you in current California and connect it to past developments.

Whatever issue you choose to discuss, it will be important for you to place the topic/issue in historical context (explain how it reflects the history and historical circumstances of California). You then need to examine the topic/issue in its contemporary manifestations, addressing its significance to the state today and to the future of the state. The historical overview should be sufficient to provide context for a casual reader, not just a one-paragraph cursory list of dates and events. The discussion of the contemporary situation should explore not just where we are on this issue today but what remains to be done.

You need to keep in mind that you are writing an argumentative essay. You need to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement (statement of your main point in the essay); body paragraphs that each clearly address an element of your argument, with specific examples to illustrate your points (evidence in support of your argument); and conclusion with discussion of implications. And do not forget to reference the paper = include source citations whenever you are using information from a source, even if it is paraphrased. You can use a documentation style that you are most familiar with but always include a full bibliography of the sources consulted in writing the paper.

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