Top 100 Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Argumentative Essay, College Life, Tips and Tricks

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay or a persuasive essay is an essay meant to prove a point. For this, you need a well thought out argument and facts to support your claim. As with any other essay type, the end result should be something that will inspire your readers to agree with or accept the information that you have provided.

Parts of an Argumentative Essay

The main goal of your argumentative essay is to persuade the reader.

Before you begin writing, you must determine which side of the topic you’re going to take. The structure of the essay will stem from this point.

Also, you need to make sure that the introduction, the body paragraphs and the conclusion match your position.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. The Importance of Wildlife Conservation
  2. Global Warming is real and we have to do something about it
  3. Advertising Promotes Bad Eating Habits in Children
  4. Fake News on Social Media is Destroying a Good Culture
  5. Civil Engineering – A Dream Career
  6. It is time to get rid of all pennies?
  7. Should students wear uniforms?
  8. Is human cloning fine?
  9. What has technology done to raising a child?
  10. Privacy on social public sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, google +
  11. Are texting and emailing ruining the English language e.g misspelled words and shorthand language
  12. Is global warming real?
  13. How has globalization changed our economy?
  14. Can you really trust your phone or computer?
  15. Should cell phones be allowed in school
  16. City Schools vs Suburb Schools
  17. Teachers Pay Raises
  18. Plastic Food Storage Bags Should be Banned
  19. Corporations Should Pay People Living Wage
  20. End Bullying in Schools
  21. College Athletes should be paid for Playing
  22. Global Warming Is a Fad
  23. War on Drugs
  24. How to Dress for a Job Interview?
  25. Arguing for driving age to be raised
  26. Raise wages for fast food workers
  27. Teaching children morals in school
  28. Traditional family was the best
  29. Teachers have too much freedom. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.
  30. Younger generation’s attitude towards technology
  31. Opposing Handgun Control
  32. Protecting Gun Rights
  33. Progressive Punishment
  34. The Negative Impact of Social Media
  35. Why Students Should Leave School
  36. Should Students be allowed to Choose Their Own Grades?
  37. Clickbait headlines should be banned
  38. Memes or Gifs: A good joke can make you laugh
  39. Should Students be forced to Wear Uniforms?
  40. Ending death penalty
  41. Should people with tattoos be allowed to work for the police
  42. Gaming addiction
  43. Students should not bring cell phones to school
  44. Designer drugs
  45. School funding
  46. Nature vs. Nurture
  47. Children’s TV Shows 
  48. Diversity in Higher Education
  49. What is better – lethal injection or electrocution in the USA?
  50. The advantages of the strict environment prisons in the USA bring up for convicted criminals released after serving a sentence
  51. College is a waste of money
  52. GMO food should be banned
  53. Pro-life and pro-choice sides?
  54. Should electronic books replace printed books?
  55. Does real food taste better than frozen food? What’s your opinion about it?
  56. Benefits of country music in comparison to rap and rock
  57. Should we use animals for testing?
  58. Do teachers deserve a higher salary?
  59. A woman should be able to choose to have an abortion
  60. Is there a solution to the growing population problem?
  61. Religion and Science
  62. College Admission Test
  63. Participation and Voting
  64. Education
  65. Rent Control
  66. Euthanasia (Right to Die)
  67. Crimes and punishment
  68. Space exploration
  69. Garbage and pollution
  70. National debt
  71. Planetary defense systems
  72. Do people rely too much on their phones?
  73. Modern medicine is killing people needlessly
  74. The government should tax junk food more
  75. Is outsourcing good for the economy?
  76. Healthy eating is often not cheap
  77. The UK needs to invest more in its prison system
  78. Western style democracy doesn’t work
  79. Wearing a suit does not mean you are an expert on a subject
  80. Should video games be rated by age groups?
  81. Do games increase real life violence?
  82. Should students be allowed to wear headphones while taking exams?
  83. Should there be a dress code at schools?
  84. Is it ok for children to get plastic surgery?
  85. Are violent video games good for children?
  86. Is watching the news beneficial for children?
  87. Does watching TV make people more intelligent?
  88. Should companies give employees paid time off to vote on E-day?
  89. Corporal Punishment
  90. Internet Censorship
  91. Portrayal of Homosexuals in media
  92. Recycling Is Good For the Environment
  93. Capital Punishment Is Ineffective
  94. Greedy Companies that are Responsible for the Economic Recession
  95. Why it is important to have a job for teenagers
  96. Should homework be abolished?
  97. Smoking Should Be Banned
  98. Students Are Better Off Studying in School
  99. Will Global Warming Destroy All Humans?
  100. Advertising on the internet is a waste of money

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